March 15, 2008

It’s gonna get nasty

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No matter who the Democrats nominate for President this summer, they will run one of the dirtiest campaigns we’ve ever seen. They’ll have to.

Now, we’ll hear a lot of “Yeah, but the Republicans…” justifications from the media and others on the Left, while others ignore the nastiness of the charges and focus on less egregious (and more accurate, charges from Republicans that are supposedly unconscionable, but make no mistake: there will be a great deal of vitriol spewed by the Democrats and their allies in the media and the Left. There’s no other way to win.

The longer this split between Hillary and Obama continues, the deeper and angrier the division in the Democrat party gets. We’re already seeing posters on the Daily Kos calling for background investigations of those daring to support Hillary. Note that they’re not worried about finding skeletons in the closet of candidates; they’re trying to embarrass those who support other candidates:

…I will note that one of my fellow Kossaks (someone with whom I thought I could agree to disagree) went so far as to suggest that others try to dig up real life information on the pro-Hillary members of our community. To what end? Was his aim to find enough information on us to try to get us fired from our jobs and leave our families homeless – or worse? Suggesting that they dig up real life information on us is the lowest form of intimidation and goes way beyond the limits of all things civil and reasonable. It’s nothing more than the worst form of thuggish, hateful and intimidating behavior toward other members of our community.

This isn’t the only sign we’ve seen that the division in the Democrat party may be irreconcilable by November. See here on a liberal blog:

A recent PEW poll shows that 10% of Democrats who support Obama would defect and vote for McCain should Hillary become the candidate. But, a whopping 25% of Democrats who support Hillary would defect and vote for McCain should Obama become the candidate.

I have little doubt that 25% is higher than will actually defect come November. (Keep in mind, though, that this was before the information about Obama’s pastor and his direction of an earmark to the hospital that employed his wife came out, so this is still when he was viewed as fairly “clean,” whereas now he can be seen at least as sympathetic to America-haters and corruption.) Meanwhile, 10% of Obama supporters say they will vote for McCain over Hillary. Again that number is likely high. But even if they don’t cross party lines in November, they may skip the presidential ballot or stay home entirely, hurting the entire Democratic ticket.

Facing that scary possibility, (well, scary for the Democrats) the Left will have no choice to to attempt to frighten their base to motivate them to turn out. All sorts of charges will be thrown against McCain and the GOP this fall, as the Left sees their chance at winning the Presidency slipping away. They’ll make all sorts of insane charges that McCain is corrupt (when he’s one of the more honest politicians out there), that’s he’s a radical right-winger who wants to starve children and kill the homeless (he’s not a right-winger, as conservative opposition to him should shows, and even if he were, it’s not true that any true conservative would want to starve children or kill the homeless), that he’s a fascist (when it’s clearly liberals who are more fascist).

There will all sorts of unfounded, unjustified attacks as the Left sees their chances for the Presidency slip away this fall. Don’t believe them: they’re just the desperate lies of those who would seek power no matter the cost and see it falling away from them.

January 10, 2008

Polls matter more than actual voters?

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Some are complaining that the vote in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary was rigged, largely on the basis of the discrepancy between the polls taken before the election and the actual results. This is similar to the claim that the 2004 Presidential election in Ohio was rigged since the exit polls showed Kerry winning, while the actual vote totals gave the state to Bush.

Facts can be stubborn things, but mere facts won’t let some people get in the way of denying reality. Convinced Obama was about to gain a historic victory that would defeat the Clinton machine once and for all, some were naturally disappointed when that didn’t happen. (Part of me is, another part is excited to watch what could be an exciting primary season.) Polls are notoriously unreliable. Every poll comes with a built-in margin of error to begin, plus the accuracy of a poll depends on its sample. To use a local example, a survey of likely Delaware voters with an disproportionate amount of Wilmington voters would give much different results than one with a disproportionate amount of Sussex County voters, and neither would probably match up well with the results of a good poll taken with a truly representative sample.

So, does that caveat tell us anything about what happened in New Hampshire that contradicted the polls? Yes: columnist Robert “The Prince of Darkness” Novak points out in his column today:

The exit polls were so wrong because they grossly understated the female vote in New Hampshire. Had the turnout of women there, which constituted an unprecedented 57 percent of the actual Democratic vote, been plugged in to exit interviews, a 2-percentage point Clinton victory would have been forecast.

So, the poll results were not in line because of an atypical voting pattern that was hard to foresee. No conspiracy, no nefarious plot, just unusual circumstances. So why are so many on the Left so eager to cry foul? Why so little regard for the actual will of the voters as compared the the (mistakenly) assumed will of the voters? (Both in New Hampshire this year, and Ohio in 2004.) I think it’s the same action that causes the Left to react so negatively to Jonah Goldberg’s book Liberal Fascism. (Example 1. Example 2.)

I can’t decide if it’s arrogance or insecurity that drives these reactions. Arrogance that anyone would dare question or disagree with them or an insecurity that maybe the Left is wrong and afraid to face it deep down inside, so they lash out rather than question their own beliefs. Either way, this continued refusal to accept ideas and results that don’t agree with doesn’t speak well either for those on the Left who react this way or their future.

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September 21, 2007

DSU Shooting

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Cross posted from Anna Venger:

Poor Delaware State University! After the horrible execution style murders this past summer of three of their promising young students, now this (from delawareonline):

The Delaware State University campus remains closed after two students – one of them reportedly a cheerleader – were shot on campus early today. One suspect is still at large, officials said….

The two students — one male and one female — were shot near Memorial Hall about 1 a.m., officials said. Both were taken to hospitals. The male was said to be in stable condition but the female’s injuries are considered serious.

So far there don’t appear to be any leads as to the identity of the shooter or the motive.

May both these young people make full recoveries.

July 26, 2007

Markell announces Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs

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Jack Markell’s campaign sent out the following email to those on his distribution list. (It’s a long story why I’m on it, but suffice it to say, I’m waiting to see who the GOP runs before I support anyone.)

Announcing My Initial List of Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs!
Today my campaign unveiled an initial list of honorary co-chairpersons.  The list of honorary co-chairs includes current and former elected officials, Democratic Party activists, and community leaders. I’m very proud to announce that such a diverse group of Democrats and other community leaders from across our state have agreed to serve as the honorary co-chairs of my campaign.  Some of them are elected officials and others come from many different walks of life – from longtime NAACP head Lit Mitchell to community leader Zaida Guajardo to labor leader Bud Speakman to Delaware legend Tubby Raymond.  I have great respect for these folks, and I’m proud they’re supporting my candidacy.
The campaign is really building momentum, and I hope you will join in the excitement. Please check out my website to find out what’s going on with the campaign, or to sign up to help out.
We are continuing to work hard at raising the money necessary to be successful in this campaign, so if you can make a contribution, please do. You can donate online by clicking here.
Below is the initial list of honorary co-chairs of the Markell for governor campaign:

Honorary Campaign Chairpersons

·        Petie Adams

·        Tony Allen
·        Dana Balick
·        Taube Carpenter
·        Bebe Coker
·        Nancy Doorey
·        Hal Dukes
·        Jose Echeverri
·        Steve Elkins
·        Chai Gadde
·        Jim Gilliam, Sr.
·        Linda Gilliam
·        Muriel Gilman         
·        Stuart Grant
·        Jim Griffin
·        Fernando Guajardo
·        Zaida Guajardo
·        Fay Jacobs
·        Mike Kempski
·        Annabelle Kressman
·        Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Paul  Kuhns
·        Phyllis Levitt
·        State Representative Valerie Longhurst
·        Bill Markell
·        Elaine Markell
·        State Representative Melanie Marshall
·        Cynthia Primo Martin
·        Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Kathy McGuiness
·        Littleton Mitchell
·        June Jenkins Peterson
·        Former Governor Russell Peterson
·        Tubby Raymond
·        Carol Rothschild
·        State Representative Terry Schooley
·        State Representative Pete Schwartzkopf
·        Sonia S. Sloan
·        State Senator David Sokola
·        Bud Speakman
·        Jim Testerman
·        Former State Senator Bill Torbert
·        Doris Torbert
·        Lance Weaver
·        Jack Whitby
·        Former Lieutenant Governor S.B. Woo
·        Katy Woo
·        Dave Wood
·        Rebecca Young

I don’t know many of the names on it, but I’m pressed with some of the names I do know. Five sitting legislators, a former Governor and Lieutenant Governor and as well as some very prominent names in the community, even in Wilmington, where Carney’s from.

 This should be a fun primary to watch.

June 22, 2007

Thompson, Giuliani tie in Delaware GOP Presidential Straw Poll

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WILMINGTON, DE – According to a two-day survey of more than 500 registered voters, there is a tight race between Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson for the GOP Presidential nomination in Delaware.

“With the 2008 Delaware Presidetial Primary less than a year away, I thought it would be helpful to start getting a feel for where Delaware voters stand on the candidates,” said Thomas S. Ross, Chair of the Wilmington Republican Region. “We plan to continue tracking with similar surveys on a regular basis in the coming months.”

The Presidential Poll was conducted via e-mail between June 19, 2007 and June 21, 2007 with more than 500 respondents. The Majority of respondents are registered Republicans in Delaware, some Democrats, Independents, and those rigistered with other parties also participated.Respondents were given a choice of candidates in alphabetical order. The candidate list includes all registered Republicans who have announced their candidacy for the Presidency as well as those who have formed exploritory committees. Not included were those individuals who have publicly stated they will not run for President in the 2008 election.The following are the results of the first Delaware Presidential Primary Poll:All Respondents

Rudy Giuliani 25%
Fred Thompson 25%
Mitt Romney 13%
John McCain 10%
Newt Gingrich 6%
Mike Huckabee 3%
Duncan Hunter 2%
Ron Paul 2%
Tom Tancredo 2%
Sam Brownback 1%
Chuck Hagel 1%
Tommy Thompson 1%
Tom Coburn <1%
Jim Gilmore <1%
George Pataki <1%

New Castle County

Rudy Giuliani 29%
Fred Thompson 23%
Mitt Romney 12%
John McCain 11%
Newt Gingrich 7%
Mike Huckabee 3%
Ron Paul 2%
Tom Tancredo 2%
Sam Brownback 1%
Tom Coburn 1%
Chuck Hagel 1%
Duncan Hunter 1%
Tommy Thompson 1%
Jim Gilmore <1%
George Pataki <1%

Kent County

Fred Thompson 28%
Rudy Giuliani 27%
Mitt Romney 16%
Newt Gingrich 6%
Duncan Hunter 6%
John McCain 6%
Mike Huckabee 5%
Sam Brownback 2%
Ron Paul 1%
Tom Coburn <1%
Jim Gilmore <1%
Chuck Hagel <1%
George Pataki <1%
Tom Tancredo <1%
Tommy Thompson <1%

Sussex County

Fred Thompson 38%
Rudy Giuliani 17%
Mitt Romney 13%
John McCain 8%
Ron Paul 6%
Newt Gingrich 5%
Duncan Hunter 2%
Tom Tancredo 2%
Jim Gilmore 1%
Mike Huckabee 1%
Tommy Thompson 1%
Sam Brownback <1%
Tom Coburn <1%
Chuck Hagel <1%
George Pataki <1%

Anyone interested in participating in future polls should send their e-mail address to

Look for the next tracking poll on July 10, with results released July 13.


June 6, 2007

Freebery to plead guilty

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The News Journal is reporting that Sherry Freeberry will plead guilty to felony bank fraud and the prosecutors will drop charges of racketeering and fraud.

 An interesting angle: as part of the plea, will she testify against Tom Gordon? This could be fun….

Guess it wasn’t all some Karl Rove plot after all.

May 7, 2007

Disgusting Attack on Charlie Copeland

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I got the following anonymous postcard in the mail today:

Charles Lammot DuPont Copeland Is A Liar and A Fraud
                        Greetings From Sussex County

Did you know Greenville Charlie says he is pro life but was endorsed by Planned Parenthood in 2004? Did you know Greenville Charlie ran a very negative primary against one of our own Republican Senators because he felt entitled to that seat. Did you know he used homeless men from Sojourner’s Place in his 2002 race. Did you know he has never had a viable opponent in his Senate race. Did you know Terry Strine has guaranteed Greenville Charliethe Governor nomination because Charlie’s DuPont family friend gave the GOP state party almost $100,000 last year? Quid pro quo?? Did you know he has not passed any legislation as a state senator in four year? That’s right-nothing but he wants to make Prisoner health care better with our tax dollars while the rest of us struggle with paying for our health care.Did you know he endorsed Democrat State Sen Thurman Adamsfor Senate Pro tem this year? Yes, he supported a Democrat rather than stand up for the GOP. Did you know everyone is his family is a millionaire and he belongs to two Country Clubs? Yes, he has a lot in common with Delaware residents.

 We in Sussex County don’t need him and he should stay in Greenville.

I’m guessing this mailing was sent to delegates and alternates to the GOP state Convention on the 19th. I tried to reproduce this as best I could, typos and all.

Let’s take these points one by one.

First, it’s common practice in Delaware for PACs to endorse unopposed candidates regardless of their political/ideological affinity with said candidate. It gives them a chance to approach later with the “we did endorse you” card.

(I can’t comment on the primary Copeland ran. I wasn’t paying attention to it, but I’m much happier with Copeland than I was with his predecessor.)

We’re supposed to upset about Copeland giving homeless jobs and work? Aren’t we the party of opportunity?

Terry Strine many have his faults, but he’s not dumb enough to “guarantee” anyone a nomination, especially after Mike Protack’s near upset of Jan Ting last year. I call BS on this one.

I’m not going to do the research, but how many Republican Senators have passed legislation in the last four years. The Democrat majority in the house of the Legislature is pretty good at controlling what goes through. I don’t think many Republicans have had much success in seeing their legislation through, so Copeland shouldn’t be faulted for that. Besides, the Democrats are sure to keep him specifically from passing legislation since it would bolster his resume for his rumored gubernatorial run.

Despite all the wrong things they’ve done, we have a responsibility to the persons in our penitential system to care for them. Should we really just make their lives so miserable that we make them even angrier and more against society? That will reduce recidivism?

Leave the class warfare to the Democrats. They’re better at it, and we’re better than it.

 Is someone claiming Sussex County is being ignored in the State GOP? Last I looked (and this could be out of date), they had the most delegates of any Region to the Convention. The last two Governor nominees came out of Sussex and the State Chairman before Strine came from Sussex. And if they’re so devoted to Sussex County, why did they take the time to launch this anonymous and ad hominem attack on a Republican rather than spending their time being constructive trying to elect a Republican election this past weekend?

Finally, should a post card proclaiming to defend Sussex County really have a postmark of South Jersey?

I don’t know who the author of this card is and I don’t know who they’re supporting for Governor (although I can take a guess….), but attacks like this aren’t going to endear their candidate to the party. Even if they candidate were to win a primary next year, they’ll need party support if they’re to have a chance against either of the likely Democrat candidates. This isn’t a good start to winning next year and I wouldn’t support any candidate who wanted this done on their behalf.

Delaware Wind Farming

Posted in State Politics at 10:39 am by Jeff the Baptist

The Volokh Conspiracy is covering effort to construct a large windfarm off the Delaware coast near Bethany or Rehoboth:

As the Delaware shore is where many Beltway-types spend their weekends during the summer, this could be a real test of Washington’s willingness to promote — or even allow — alternative energy sources.

Honestly I think efforts to get this off the ground will involve not only politicos in Washington but also our own politicians in Dover. I have to wonder what kind of problems the Delaware Coastal Zone Act is going cause. It was already used to scuttle New Jersey’s plan for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) pier in the Delaware River. Would a windfarm be considered Heavy Industry and if so wouldn’t it be prohibited under the terms of the Coastal Zone Act?

Not that particularly like the Coastal Zone Act. The current wording of the Act essentially prohibit any redevelopment along the Delaware waterfront for industrial use. I don’t consider this a good thing. We’re killing off coastal industry through unreplaced attrition. Reforming the law to allow new industry to occupy old sites is a good idea.

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April 10, 2007

Sussex County Republican Women’s Club Annual Banquet will be held May 4th

Posted in Sussex County Politics at 8:08 am by Paul Smith Jr

For a fun-filled evening of good food and auctions, you won’t want to miss the Annual Banquet of the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club. Set for Friday evening, May 4, 2007, at the Baywood Club House in Long Neck, the gala party will begin with hors d’oeuvres at 6 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m. Republican Women’s Clubs have been helping Republican candidates since 1938.
According to Elaine Lupinetti, event co-chair, “We have a great menu, wonderful auction items, and I know that everyone will have an enjoyable evening.” She expects this years’ event to be one of the organization’s best ever, and said that the cost is only $45.00/person and that complimentary valet parking will be available.
Co-Chair Gale White said “This is our premier gala event of the year and everyone is welcome to attend, so reserve your seats early. We’ll be entertained by the Sounds of the GOP, and our auctioneer, Dave Wilson, does a wonderful job and everyone enjoys his style, wit, and talent”.
She also noted that the program booklet will list sponsors and patrons, and will include ads from local businesses. To purchase advertisement space, contact Bunny Parish at 945-4646.
To be included in the program booklet as a sponsor or patron or for ticket information, contact Co-Chairs Elaine Lupinetti at 945-1816 ( or Gale White at 644-0777 (

March 28, 2007

New Castle County Council rejects cost-cutting proposals

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NCCo rejects cost-cutting proposals

Here’s some of the cost-cutting measures they refused:

1. canceling catered dinners before council meetings
2. freezing pay for certain employees (apparently non union employees, who got the same percentage raises as union staffers, typically 5% raises and 3% cost of living adjustments. Can I become a County employee?)
3. reducing the money council members give away in each community grant from $15,000 to $10,500

Let’s leave aside the second issue just because I don’t feel like dealing with it at this point.

The first issue is crazy. Councilman George Smiley suggested that council members could bring their own food to the meals or have potluck dinners. But, “Some council members balked at the idea, saying the meal was not a luxury during busy meetings days during which they often don’t have time for a long dinner break.” Notice that this objection doesn’t actually address the point Smiley was making. How does the busy day prevent them from bringing food with them when they show up? I do it every day at work. (They could also have ordered food in, if they’re really busy.)

The third issue is also ludicrous. Why should we be giving any money to legislators to dole out as they see fit? Is this really any different from the earmarks that are so controversial in Congress right now? This system is rife with potential for scandal and abuse, as office holders could pass out these community grants as favors to political allies or to buy support. This should be abolished completely, but Council refused any cut.

These refusals to cut needless spending come at a time when County residents face a 17.5% property tax hike. While this isn’t a back-breaking hike for most, it is illuminating that our elected officials don’t seem to think they need to share the pain they’re about to inflict on their constituents. I can picture the ads now:

Oh, that would be sweet.

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