December 24, 2006

Giuliani and Conservatives

Posted in National Politics at 9:33 am by Paul Smith Jr

DeWayne Wickham wrote this column that appeared in yesterday’s News-Journal discussing the difficulty Guiliani will face getting the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008. The meat of his argument is:

The hurdle between Giuliani and the Oval Office is his tumultuous personal life. His first marriage, to a cousin, ended with an annulment after 14 years. His second marriage lasted 18 years and ended in divorce in 2002.

As her marriage to Giuliani fell apart, second wife Donna Hanover sought a court order to keep New York’s then-mayor from bringing his girlfriend into the official mayoral residence. Giuliani responded by stripping Hanover of her official duties as the city’s first lady. Giuliani and the alleged “other woman,” Judith Nathan, married the following year.

I really haven’t heard much from conservatives about his marital history. Speaking only for myself, while I am bothered by his past in this area, it wouldn’t necessarily preclude me from voting for him. What will keep me from voting for him is his liberal views on social issues. He’s a strong supporter of abortion, even having supported partial birth abortion until he was thinking about running against Hillary Clinton for Senate in 2000. He supports gun control, and a variety of other liberal positions on social issues.

On the list of complaints I have about Giuliani, his marital history is far down the list. It’s his political views I have trouble with.

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  1. M.Opaliski said,

    I would have to agree with your assessment that while it’s not the most desireable personal past, I have a far bigger problem with the current and or possible future public policy positions …

  2. M.Opaliski said,

    And, your time stamp is off 5 hours …

  3. The time stamp is probably Greenwich Mean Time. I’ll see if I can find the setting.

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