January 24, 2007

Kerry not running for President in ’08

Posted in National Politics at 1:44 pm by Paul Smith Jr

John Kerry will reportedly announce that he will not seek another chance at the Presidency in 2008, realizing his chances were about the same as mine.

While this is undoubtedly good news for the country and his wife’s bank account, this silver lining does have a cloud: he’s running for re-election to the Senate.

I always felt that the Democrats weren’t serious about winning in 200; otherwise, how could have nominated him?


  1. Mike McKain said,

    Until he started speaking, he looked like a good candidate; military experience, many years in the Senate, educated, etc. Let’s face it, how many Republicans, in retrospect, really expected Dubbya to survive two terms? The only reason he is still president is that Kerry proved to be a more incompetant campaigner.

  2. Maybe because my family’s from New England, I’d been paying more attention to him than most, but I knew he was a joke all along, before he even declared. I couldn’t believe anyone would take him seriously. I’m still stunned that so many did, even briefly.

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