February 12, 2007

New Castle County Residents should prepare for an 18% tax hike

Posted in New Castle County Politics at 7:10 am by Paul Smith Jr

As I predicted, New Castle County is preparing for a large tax increase in their next budget. Ron Williams reported in today’s News Journal that “County Executive Chris Coons is reportedly asking council for an 18 percent tax increase for next fiscal year.” While there does not yet appear to be a majority on Council for such a large tax increase, even the best case scenario would expect a few percentage points shaved off that amount in exchange for the 7 votes needed to pass this huge increase.



  1. steamboat willy said,

    the good people of New Castle County elected these leppers and now will have to live with the consequences.

    starting to smell like newjersey around here.

  2. Miriam said,

    I’ve said this before: after paying taxes in New Jersey for 28 years, I consider New Castle County’s taxes a flea bite.

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