March 4, 2007

There they go again

Posted in State Politics at 2:27 pm by Paul Smith Jr

In their seeming unending quest to destopry innocent human life, the Delaware General Assembly is again considering a bill to promote embryonic stem cell research, which by necessity destroys human life. This is in spite of the fact there is no need for this destructive research: adult stem cells have been used with no moral question to discover over 80 cures and recent discoveries have shown non-desctructive means for garnering the embryonic stem cells. In spite of these more beneficial alternatives, this bill would legalize cloning and destruction of nascent human life.

The campaign A Rose and a Prayer, which successfully stopped this bill last year is back again to protect the innocent. Visit their website, learn more about the bill and the healthy and moral alternitives to this research.

Suporters of the bill claim it outloaws cloning. This is not true. In fact, it legalizes cloning, as long as you kill the clone within a few days. This bill is about as anti=human life as you can get: it forbids creating life itself, but allows creating life for the explicit purpose of destroying it.

Support Life. Call your legislator to oppose this bill.



  1. Rayilyn Brown said,

    There are not 80 cures for diseases from adult stem cells; after 40 years of research there are nine.

    The FRC claims for Parkinson’s disease are all false; Dennis Turner’s Parkinsons returned (phone conversation 3-24-06), Patricia Payne was never in Dr. Levesque’s Phase II study because it never took place (Email Dr. Levesque, January 2007) and ten unnamed people in Kentucky were in Amgen’s aborted GDNF infusion therapy trials that did not involve adult stem cells of any kind.
    Susan Fjat, spinal cord injury patient, was used against her wishes by Congressman Dave Weldon (FL) to promote ASCR. She is not “cured”.

    Who knows how many people on the Prentice cure list are even alive? We need all kinds o SCR, especially embryonic, if we are to win the war on disease and lying about ASC research doesn’t help.

  2. liberalgeek said,

    Paul, please tell me how you would like these zygotes destroyed? Shall they be thawed at room temperature for an hour or should they be used to potentially save lives? These zygotes are not being created with the interest in being used for research, but they are not going to be implanted any more either. How about you make the choice Paul. Which way should they be destroyed?

  3. It’s obviously been a while since I was here.

    LG, I’d prefer to allow them to be placed up for adoption. I’m sure you’ve heard of the snowflake babies; let’s have more of them. Even though that means many of them will die in failed attempts to implant, more will live than under any other scenario. They’re already alive, they deserve the chacne to see the rest of their lives rather dying now.

    Rayilyn, for the moment, let’s take everything you say as true. That still puts adult stem cells way in the lead as far as cures discovered and still with no more moral issues. My point still stands.

  4. Rae Stabosz said,

    Hi Paul,

    I spent Wednesday at Legislative Hall in Dover, lobbying against SB5 and in favor of HB76. Thought you might be interested in the Letter to the Editor I sent to both the News Journal and The Dialog.

    Rae Stabosz

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