May 7, 2007

Disgusting Attack on Charlie Copeland

Posted in State Politics, Sussex County Politics at 8:44 pm by Paul Smith Jr

I got the following anonymous postcard in the mail today:

Charles Lammot DuPont Copeland Is A Liar and A Fraud
                        Greetings From Sussex County

Did you know Greenville Charlie says he is pro life but was endorsed by Planned Parenthood in 2004? Did you know Greenville Charlie ran a very negative primary against one of our own Republican Senators because he felt entitled to that seat. Did you know he used homeless men from Sojourner’s Place in his 2002 race. Did you know he has never had a viable opponent in his Senate race. Did you know Terry Strine has guaranteed Greenville Charliethe Governor nomination because Charlie’s DuPont family friend gave the GOP state party almost $100,000 last year? Quid pro quo?? Did you know he has not passed any legislation as a state senator in four year? That’s right-nothing but he wants to make Prisoner health care better with our tax dollars while the rest of us struggle with paying for our health care.Did you know he endorsed Democrat State Sen Thurman Adamsfor Senate Pro tem this year? Yes, he supported a Democrat rather than stand up for the GOP. Did you know everyone is his family is a millionaire and he belongs to two Country Clubs? Yes, he has a lot in common with Delaware residents.

 We in Sussex County don’t need him and he should stay in Greenville.

I’m guessing this mailing was sent to delegates and alternates to the GOP state Convention on the 19th. I tried to reproduce this as best I could, typos and all.

Let’s take these points one by one.

First, it’s common practice in Delaware for PACs to endorse unopposed candidates regardless of their political/ideological affinity with said candidate. It gives them a chance to approach later with the “we did endorse you” card.

(I can’t comment on the primary Copeland ran. I wasn’t paying attention to it, but I’m much happier with Copeland than I was with his predecessor.)

We’re supposed to upset about Copeland giving homeless jobs and work? Aren’t we the party of opportunity?

Terry Strine many have his faults, but he’s not dumb enough to “guarantee” anyone a nomination, especially after Mike Protack’s near upset of Jan Ting last year. I call BS on this one.

I’m not going to do the research, but how many Republican Senators have passed legislation in the last four years. The Democrat majority in the house of the Legislature is pretty good at controlling what goes through. I don’t think many Republicans have had much success in seeing their legislation through, so Copeland shouldn’t be faulted for that. Besides, the Democrats are sure to keep him specifically from passing legislation since it would bolster his resume for his rumored gubernatorial run.

Despite all the wrong things they’ve done, we have a responsibility to the persons in our penitential system to care for them. Should we really just make their lives so miserable that we make them even angrier and more against society? That will reduce recidivism?

Leave the class warfare to the Democrats. They’re better at it, and we’re better than it.

 Is someone claiming Sussex County is being ignored in the State GOP? Last I looked (and this could be out of date), they had the most delegates of any Region to the Convention. The last two Governor nominees came out of Sussex and the State Chairman before Strine came from Sussex. And if they’re so devoted to Sussex County, why did they take the time to launch this anonymous and ad hominem attack on a Republican rather than spending their time being constructive trying to elect a Republican election this past weekend?

Finally, should a post card proclaiming to defend Sussex County really have a postmark of South Jersey?

I don’t know who the author of this card is and I don’t know who they’re supporting for Governor (although I can take a guess….), but attacks like this aren’t going to endear their candidate to the party. Even if they candidate were to win a primary next year, they’ll need party support if they’re to have a chance against either of the likely Democrat candidates. This isn’t a good start to winning next year and I wouldn’t support any candidate who wanted this done on their behalf.


Delaware Wind Farming

Posted in State Politics at 10:39 am by Jeff the Baptist

The Volokh Conspiracy is covering effort to construct a large windfarm off the Delaware coast near Bethany or Rehoboth:

As the Delaware shore is where many Beltway-types spend their weekends during the summer, this could be a real test of Washington’s willingness to promote — or even allow — alternative energy sources.

Honestly I think efforts to get this off the ground will involve not only politicos in Washington but also our own politicians in Dover. I have to wonder what kind of problems the Delaware Coastal Zone Act is going cause. It was already used to scuttle New Jersey’s plan for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) pier in the Delaware River. Would a windfarm be considered Heavy Industry and if so wouldn’t it be prohibited under the terms of the Coastal Zone Act?

Not that particularly like the Coastal Zone Act. The current wording of the Act essentially prohibit any redevelopment along the Delaware waterfront for industrial use. I don’t consider this a good thing. We’re killing off coastal industry through unreplaced attrition. Reforming the law to allow new industry to occupy old sites is a good idea.

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