May 7, 2007

Delaware Wind Farming

Posted in State Politics at 10:39 am by Jeff the Baptist

The Volokh Conspiracy is covering effort to construct a large windfarm off the Delaware coast near Bethany or Rehoboth:

As the Delaware shore is where many Beltway-types spend their weekends during the summer, this could be a real test of Washington’s willingness to promote — or even allow — alternative energy sources.

Honestly I think efforts to get this off the ground will involve not only politicos in Washington but also our own politicians in Dover. I have to wonder what kind of problems the Delaware Coastal Zone Act is going cause. It was already used to scuttle New Jersey’s plan for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) pier in the Delaware River. Would a windfarm be considered Heavy Industry and if so wouldn’t it be prohibited under the terms of the Coastal Zone Act?

Not that particularly like the Coastal Zone Act. The current wording of the Act essentially prohibit any redevelopment along the Delaware waterfront for industrial use. I don’t consider this a good thing. We’re killing off coastal industry through unreplaced attrition. Reforming the law to allow new industry to occupy old sites is a good idea.

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  1. Paul Klocko said,

    My folks live in Milford, DE and recently received an alert from a guy named Nick DePasquale. Nick is the former Environmental Secretary for DE and now pushes the Audubon Society agenda on Global Warming.

    I wrote him back with my skepticism and he jumped on me like a wounded Bengal tiger. I started having some fun with him and he admitted to being a socialist, redistributionist, and follower of the the religion of Gaia!

    What kind of people do have running your state?

    Are any of you conservatives in DE interested in this email thread. This guy is a piece of work…

    Paul Klocko
    Wausau, WI

  2. Pam Reed said,

    Trying to reach the unabrewer, need him to call Arkansas ASAP, if you are in contact, please ask him to call…..Pam

  3. J.T. said,

    Doesn’t the offshore wind farm viloate the coastal zone act? Isn’t that a power generating facility? Doees that mean we can put a nuclear facility on our coasts or out in the Bay or offshore?

  4. tips said,

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