July 26, 2007

Markell announces Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs

Posted in State Politics at 11:04 am by Paul Smith Jr

Jack Markell’s campaign sent out the following email to those on his distribution list. (It’s a long story why I’m on it, but suffice it to say, I’m waiting to see who the GOP runs before I support anyone.)

Announcing My Initial List of Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs!
Today my campaign unveiled an initial list of honorary co-chairpersons.  The list of honorary co-chairs includes current and former elected officials, Democratic Party activists, and community leaders. I’m very proud to announce that such a diverse group of Democrats and other community leaders from across our state have agreed to serve as the honorary co-chairs of my campaign.  Some of them are elected officials and others come from many different walks of life – from longtime NAACP head Lit Mitchell to community leader Zaida Guajardo to labor leader Bud Speakman to Delaware legend Tubby Raymond.  I have great respect for these folks, and I’m proud they’re supporting my candidacy.
The campaign is really building momentum, and I hope you will join in the excitement. Please check out my website www.markell.org to find out what’s going on with the campaign, or to sign up to help out.
We are continuing to work hard at raising the money necessary to be successful in this campaign, so if you can make a contribution, please do. You can donate online by clicking here.
Below is the initial list of honorary co-chairs of the Markell for governor campaign:

Honorary Campaign Chairpersons

·        Petie Adams

·        Tony Allen
·        Dana Balick
·        Taube Carpenter
·        Bebe Coker
·        Nancy Doorey
·        Hal Dukes
·        Jose Echeverri
·        Steve Elkins
·        Chai Gadde
·        Jim Gilliam, Sr.
·        Linda Gilliam
·        Muriel Gilman         
·        Stuart Grant
·        Jim Griffin
·        Fernando Guajardo
·        Zaida Guajardo
·        Fay Jacobs
·        Mike Kempski
·        Annabelle Kressman
·        Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Paul  Kuhns
·        Phyllis Levitt
·        State Representative Valerie Longhurst
·        Bill Markell
·        Elaine Markell
·        State Representative Melanie Marshall
·        Cynthia Primo Martin
·        Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Kathy McGuiness
·        Littleton Mitchell
·        June Jenkins Peterson
·        Former Governor Russell Peterson
·        Tubby Raymond
·        Carol Rothschild
·        State Representative Terry Schooley
·        State Representative Pete Schwartzkopf
·        Sonia S. Sloan
·        State Senator David Sokola
·        Bud Speakman
·        Jim Testerman
·        Former State Senator Bill Torbert
·        Doris Torbert
·        Lance Weaver
·        Jack Whitby
·        Former Lieutenant Governor S.B. Woo
·        Katy Woo
·        Dave Wood
·        Rebecca Young

I don’t know many of the names on it, but I’m pressed with some of the names I do know. Five sitting legislators, a former Governor and Lieutenant Governor and as well as some very prominent names in the community, even in Wilmington, where Carney’s from.

 This should be a fun primary to watch.