March 15, 2008

It’s gonna get nasty

Posted in Election 2008, National Politics at 3:33 pm by Paul Smith Jr

No matter who the Democrats nominate for President this summer, they will run one of the dirtiest campaigns we’ve ever seen. They’ll have to.

Now, we’ll hear a lot of “Yeah, but the Republicans…” justifications from the media and others on the Left, while others ignore the nastiness of the charges and focus on less egregious (and more accurate, charges from Republicans that are supposedly unconscionable, but make no mistake: there will be a great deal of vitriol spewed by the Democrats and their allies in the media and the Left. There’s no other way to win.

The longer this split between Hillary and Obama continues, the deeper and angrier the division in the Democrat party gets. We’re already seeing posters on the Daily Kos calling for background investigations of those daring to support Hillary. Note that they’re not worried about finding skeletons in the closet of candidates; they’re trying to embarrass those who support other candidates:

…I will note that one of my fellow Kossaks (someone with whom I thought I could agree to disagree) went so far as to suggest that others try to dig up real life information on the pro-Hillary members of our community. To what end? Was his aim to find enough information on us to try to get us fired from our jobs and leave our families homeless – or worse? Suggesting that they dig up real life information on us is the lowest form of intimidation and goes way beyond the limits of all things civil and reasonable. It’s nothing more than the worst form of thuggish, hateful and intimidating behavior toward other members of our community.

This isn’t the only sign we’ve seen that the division in the Democrat party may be irreconcilable by November. See here on a liberal blog:

A recent PEW poll shows that 10% of Democrats who support Obama would defect and vote for McCain should Hillary become the candidate. But, a whopping 25% of Democrats who support Hillary would defect and vote for McCain should Obama become the candidate.

I have little doubt that 25% is higher than will actually defect come November. (Keep in mind, though, that this was before the information about Obama’s pastor and his direction of an earmark to the hospital that employed his wife came out, so this is still when he was viewed as fairly “clean,” whereas now he can be seen at least as sympathetic to America-haters and corruption.) Meanwhile, 10% of Obama supporters say they will vote for McCain over Hillary. Again that number is likely high. But even if they don’t cross party lines in November, they may skip the presidential ballot or stay home entirely, hurting the entire Democratic ticket.

Facing that scary possibility, (well, scary for the Democrats) the Left will have no choice to to attempt to frighten their base to motivate them to turn out. All sorts of charges will be thrown against McCain and the GOP this fall, as the Left sees their chance at winning the Presidency slipping away. They’ll make all sorts of insane charges that McCain is corrupt (when he’s one of the more honest politicians out there), that’s he’s a radical right-winger who wants to starve children and kill the homeless (he’s not a right-winger, as conservative opposition to him should shows, and even if he were, it’s not true that any true conservative would want to starve children or kill the homeless), that he’s a fascist (when it’s clearly liberals who are more fascist).

There will all sorts of unfounded, unjustified attacks as the Left sees their chances for the Presidency slip away this fall. Don’t believe them: they’re just the desperate lies of those who would seek power no matter the cost and see it falling away from them.



  1. What’s happened to this page, there’s been no activity since March. See my blogsite for updates on the thoughts of another Delaware conservative.

  2. Chuck Nugent said,

    Interesting insights, as a fellow Delaware Republican (a small population group), I am pleased with the selection of Biden. I believe that his habit making inapropriate comments will be uncontrolable – it has not been checked in the past, and it is highly unlikely that he will suddenly develop self-discipline.

    Those of us that have followed Biden, know that he is as self serving, arrogant, and obnoxioous, as Bill Clinton has ever been. He does nothing that is not in his self interest. I firnly believe that the primary reason for his acceptance of the VP slot has more to do with his long-term presisential aspirations that with the current race. In the past, as a Senator from a low profile state, coupled with his gaffs, he was unable to break through. I believe that he is calculating that should the Obama/Biden ticket fail (thankfully, an increasingly likely prospect) that he will be in a great position to leverage the visibility that he gains through his VP run, to take another shot at the presidency in 2012.

    One last point, I know that the News Journal is in the tank for Biden, but has there ever been any objective checking into any relationship that may have existed between Biden, and the Capano family, particularly in his early career. As any Delawarian knows the Capano family makes Rezko look like a boy scout. I’m not making any accusations – I honestly don’t know of any relationships, it just seems to be an appropriate target for opposition research. Thanks again for this site.

    Chuck Nugent
    Pike Creek, DE

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